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Lebanon in a Box

Lebanon in a Box

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Home, for those away from home.

A mix of fun Lebanon-related goodies in a corrugated box (25x19x9cm) wrapped with a ribbon and a gift tag. 

The design of each item in the box is picked randomly from the list shown below, so that the gift itself is a surprise for both the recipient and the sender :)

The Lebanon in a Box includes 10 items:

  1. 1 PIN (Randomly picked from: House, Abou El Abed)
  2. 1 WOOD POSTER (Randomly picked from: Hummus, Tabbouleh, House, Cedars, Service, Abou El Abed, Alo Beirut, Beirut Love, Tout Tout to Beirut, Dal3ouna, Traffic) 
  3. 1 KEYCHAIN (Randomly picked from: Abou El Abed, House, Tout Tout to Beirut) 
  4. 1 TOTE BAG (Randomly picked from: Abou El Abed, Tout Tout to Beirut, #Beirut)
  7. 1 NOTEBOOK (Randomly picked from: Beirut Love, Abou El Abed)
  8. 1 FRIDGE MAGNET (Randomly picked from: Hummus, House, Abou El Abed, Bittersweet Beirut, Tout Tout to Beirut, From Beirut, Shaffeh Cup) 
  9. 1 TEMPORARY TATTOO (Surprise!)
  10. 1 LOCAL SWEETS (Surprise!)