Your Secret Santa Guide


By Jana Kayssi

I come bearing gifts. Okay, not actual gifts. As much as I would like to be Santa this year, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Nonetheless, I come to you with an ultimate guide on Secret Santa gifts! And if you get as lost as I do during Secret Santa, this is pretty much the best gift you will be receiving this Christmas. 

So, here’s the thing about me. I like gifts, and I like gifting. And I like Sherlock Holmes. Here. Put two and two together, and you get my fondness of a fun mysterious Secret Santa that grants me my right to sniff around and obsess with details.

As weird as it sounds, I had recently discovered that Luana and some of my coworkers do not like Secret Santa! I know! Well, to be fair, I consider myself a reasonable person and would like to exercise reason in this scenario. Why would anyone not like Secret Santa? Hmm. 

Okay, yes, I know, Secret Santa can be very difficult; but only if you get someone you barely know. And yes there’s the huge amount of money you end up spending on small, everyday gifts that everyone will probably forget by January. Indeed, it can be challenging, and I get why you wouldn’t even want to take part in such torture. 

But I am here today to argue against you all, and in favor of all the little, mysterious Santa gifts that can make our days a thousand times better. 

Think about it for a second. You get to receive anonymous, tiny gifts for a month, and then wrap it up with one big, pretty gift!

Now, if you do not like solving mysteries and do not give a flying fudge about who did what, you’re okay, you can go, no need to stick around. But if you do, you and I both know that gift shopping can be very fun, so don’t let anything or anyone trick you into thinking otherwise!

Either way, I’m here to make this a little bit easier for you. Below is a selection of cute goodies that do not require a deep level of acquaintance to leave a warm impression and make your recipient very happy! 

  • Stickers, duh!! 
  • Affordable, light, interesting, and can make someone’s laptop go from 0 to 10!

  • Ornaments
  • Pretty and very Lebanese, can be hung on car mirrors and Christmas trees. 

  • Small Wind-Up Toys
  • Check out this very adorable collection of tiny walking festive things!

  • Festive Pin!
  • ‘Tis the season! So you might as well pin your joy!

  • HO HO HO Mini Mug
  • Cause what’s better than festive coffee? 

  • Luggage Tags
  • Those can be attached to almost anything and include a contact sheet! 


    Pretty Pencils

    Our pencils come in many designs and with funky Lebanese erasers. Come on! It’s screaming Secret Santaaaa!

  • A Lebanese Color-Me Calendar
  • Monthly calendar full of warm and homey elements that remind us of our Lebanon. 

  • Magnetic Pads
  • As the name suggests, they’re magnetic and do wonders in organizing your week. I bet no one else is getting something as unique as this!

  • Bottle Warmers
  • Very cute Santa and Snowman to embrace wine and water bottles and keep them warm. 

    You’re very welcome ;)