5 Weirdest Things People Drink out of Mugs

Guest post by Reina El Turk


Okay, so, here’s the thing. I try to not judge people too much. Live and let live and whatnot. And besides, I do some weird shit, people do some weird shit, so you know, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, live your truth and all that. But, like, let me tell you, people use mugs to drink all sorts of really messed up things. Here’s 5 of them.

1. Soup

I love soup. Soup rules the world. Winter, Summer, whatever other season, if there’s soup on the table, I’m gonna have me some of that. But. Well. In a bowl, okay? And with a spoon, please. I don’t care if you don’t have enough bowls or if you don’t feel like doing the dishes right now, do not pour your pumpkin soup into a mug and drink it like it’s hot cocoa. Just. No.

2. Alcohol

You know, for when you kinda really need a drink to go with that coffee to really get you through the day, but you also don’t feel like sharing your day-drinking habits with your entire radius. Oh, you don’t do that? Yeah, me neither.

3. Cake

If you’re not familiar with the mug cakes trend that hit a few years back, I applaud your ability to avoid a cake storm of that size. But yeah, people were out there cooking up cakes in mugs and things got way out of hand. Like, you can’t drink that, what is it doing in a mug? It was a really confusing time to be alive.

4. لبن و خيار

Oof, to have me some of that right now. You know, that tasty yogurt side dish complete with chopped cucumbers and mint that you eat with kibbeh or loubieh. A more Lebanese version of the tzatziki, some would say. Point is, people pour that in mugs and straight up drink it like it’s not full of chunks, and I am not on board. Give your yogurt the respect it deserves and put it in a bowl next time, dammit! 

5. Water

That’s my controversial hot take for you. Drinking water out of a mug? Nope, doesn’t feel half as good as drinking it out of a glass or a bottle. I don’t know, it’s like half of my brain is expecting some kind of flavor it won’t get and the other half wants water but can’t process why I’m being a rebel and drinking it out of a mug and it’s just, my entire brain is disappointed? Sigh.

But hey, at least my mug looks cool.




About the author

Reina El Turk is a copywriter, a bookworm and an introvert trying to keep up with the rollercoaster outside her window. She sincerely hopes believes that one day she’ll figure it all out. Until then, she’s just winging it.